The Lion's Den

The Lion's Den is a chill and friendly community that welcomes all people, we shit-chat a lot in our Discord while being pretty hilarious. We also have a goofy CS:GO server where we welcome all.

The Lion's Den

The Lion's Den is a rapidly growing, extremely active gaming community. The aim is to provide a fun and exciting place for members to discuss, interact and game together. We have a CS:GO server available to play 24/7.


In case you have ever been naughty on one of our CS:GO servers you will be able to view your ban right here.

Steam Group

Join our Steam Group and join the awesome community we are trying to build.

Our Bhop Combat server!

Come Join us at [TLD] Combat BHop! Where you can play Competitive with a twist! Things you will find:

  • Normal MatchMaking/ Competitive Games with Auto Bunny Hop Enabled. Allows for faster paced games and more engaging battles.
  • 10 Slot Server with 4 VIP Reserved Slots, to allow for more action and epic duels! Plus VIP Included Perks! (Bonus Store Points Multiplier, VIP/ VIP+ Tag, VIP Coloured Text and more!)
  • Bunny Hopping allows you to move around faster than sound! This can allow you to knife people from Bomb Site A to B in a matter of 10 seconds!
  • The Lions Den Store! Allows you to equip cosmetic items that are visible to yourself and all players! You can equip Player Skins; like Agent 47 from Hitman, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and more! You earn points as you play and points per kill.

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